Please, FIND BUCK!

Photo Credit: Denise Carta

Buck is an older BLIND pit bull mix who is said to be missing in one of the worse places in California, WATTS!  And the FaceBook crowd who supports trying to find shelter pets homes is livid!  


Any MEDIA ATTENTION would be greatly appreciated!

Buck was pulled by Milena Popovich from Carson Shelter, CA on July 1st and given to a “rescue” person named Audra Aldridge who was supposed to have a temporary foster home for him until transportation could be set up for a forever home in Tahoe. According to the MANY heated FaceBook threads, the foster’s landlord complained of Buck barking, and Ms. Aldridge was called to retrieve the dog the following day. Ms. Aldridge, in return, called her homeless friend Robert, who admittedly (according to the posts) has connections to friends in “da gardens” (Nickerson Gardens in Watts)

Although Ms. Aldridge has claimed that the foster received the dog back from Robert and is “hiding him”, the foster denies that claim, as well as Robert himself.  Interviewers have heard many different stories coming from Robert, including that he handed Buck off to someone living in “Da Gardens”, which is known for pit bull fighting and other high crimes. Latest reports include possible sightings of Buck in the ravine and canals of Watts, where homeless people live and there are many junk yards. 

There are many wonderful people searching for Buck daily, and in the darkness of nights because that is when people to interview and packs of dogs are seen in the canals and ravine.  The original puller, Miss Popovich, as well as those who had innocently pledged money on Buck’s post to be saved did not know buck was missing until after July 8th. Since then people from all around the world have grabbed onto Buck’s story and held him tight in their hearts.  

Photo Credit: Denise Carta

There are “REWARD” posters hung in the areas where people believe Buck may be.  The puller, Ms. Popovich, has apologized publicly for the situation and has been active in the streets of Watts looking for Buck, putting up $3000 of her own money for his safe return.  Ms. Aldridge still insists that the foster has hidden Buck, and is not part of the search.  It appears she was told by Carson Shelter that she was not allowed to pull or adopt any animals prior to this situation because of past history, and yet she was able to retrieve Buck and he is now missing.  While Buck is missing, she is actively on FaceBook with three new posts with pit bulls acquired in the last week or so.  

We must be diligent with following up on where our pets go. Rescue starts when the pet leaves the shelter. As networking is helping these innocent pets, those involved must take notes on what is happening to the pets when they leave.  Some leave with very large cash pledges, and these need to be followed up on. This case was preventable. Please share Buck… he deserves a happy ending. He has become a victim in a rescue gone terribly wrong.


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