We have watched his search for over a week, with all hearts trying to speak to an older blind pit bull named Buck whose fate was caused by a rescue gone wrong.  He was found in a concrete hole in Watts, possibly one used for city electrical.  He was still wearing his collar and leash.  We don’t know if he wandered in there, or if he was placed.  Facebook has exploded with theories, sending those reporting into arguments into which is the true story.  It has been reported that an investigation is under way. 

   When a pet is rescued from a shelter, it is to be placed in safe hands.  This was not the case.  A credible rescuer will have foster agreements, adoption contracts, and personal home-checks.  It appears none of this was done for Buck’s safety.  The “rescuer” who the “puller” gave Buck to was in fact banned from receiving pets from the surrounding shelters, and yet she acquired Buck.  Buck is now dead, and it was not for any reason of his own doing.  He was a wonderful special needs dog who depended on people to help him. People failed Buck. The system failed Buck. The question is, what are we going to learn from this and do differently in the future?

We’re so sorry, Buck.


Find prior story of Buck at this link:  http://adoptusanimalrescue.org/2012/07/california-searching-for-blind-buck-this-missing-pit-bull-has-won-many-hearts/

BUCK, the blind pit bull from a rescue gone wrong, has been found dead.

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