The ACTIVITY button will show you the latest activities you and other members have accomplished on the site.  It includes newest members, friendships, blog posts, group activity and forum posts.    You will be able to post directly to this activity if you wish.  All visitors may see it.

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 4.51.26 PM

You will see at the top of the activity is a submenu.  You may see ALL MEMBERS, MY FRIENDS, MY GROUPS, MY FAVORITES, and MY MENTIONS.  These are the activities broken down into each section.  For instance….. If you want to see just what your friends are doing, click on MY FRIENDS.  Only those who you have made friendships with will appear with their activity.


Consider the “favorite” button on activity as a “share” button on Facebook.  When you would like to add a post to your own profile, click on the FAVORITE button.  You will now see on your profile page this post when you go under “MY FAVORITES”.  Others will be able to see it, also!



Consider the “mentions” button on activity as a “Hello!  I think you’ll want to see this post!”  That mention will go to your friend’s activity and probably make them feel good that you thought of them!  To use the mention, type the @ figure before their username.  (for example:  @admin)  Now, admin will get a notification that you thought of them, and will be able to go under her “MY MENTIONS” and see the link to the post.  She can “VIEW” the post, and then add to her “favorites” if she wants to… (or private message you and tell you that you’re annoying her sending her so many mentions…  🙄 )  JUST KIDDING!!!!


FLAGGING:  Please use caution when clicking FLAG.  This is our way of moderating if there is a bad seed in the bunch trying to post inappropriate items, using our pet site as a business venture, or disturbing others with threatening comments.  In other words, it’s a good way to flag down a bad guy who is posting inappropriate stuff!  WE WANT TO KNOW so we can zap the little bugar outta here!



You will have the option to share blog, activity, group, and forum posts to other networks at any time, including to your own Facebook and Twitter page.


Did you like someone’s post?  Or did you add their post to your own Favorites?  Let them know how much you appreciate them by the “like” button!  It’s always nice to know others care about what you’re posting .



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